Brana Mijatovic, Ph. D.

brana-waterfall Ever since I was a child people were drawn to telling me their life stories. They felt that I could understand them and many described my energy as calming, supportive, and reassuring. I was also gifted with a sense of touch that helped others with headaches and anxiety. Interested in energy healing work before I even knew that there was a term for it, I was always reading anything that I could find on the topic since my early teens.

My sensitivity to energy fields (which are today explained through quantum physics and neuroscience) led me to explore various shamanic methods and energy healing techniques from around the world. This passion always ran parallel to my life as a musician, researcher, music teacher, and a university professor.

After studying and learning many different modalities, I created Archetype Integration™, and in addition chose to focus on Accunect™ and Tesla Metamorphosis™ , as each of them offers a unique approach to enhancing personal energy and helps to create a vibrant and joyful life.


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