Archetype Integration™ is mind/body/energy modality that I was intuitively guided to create.

It is a unique combination of an interactive imaging and a guided visualization process and energy clearing techniques that work on the archetypal levels to correct any imbalances that a client may perceive in their life, such as persistent obstacles or inability to move forward satisfactorily in their life (in terms of finances, love relationships, career advancement, etc). Many persistent obstacles we are experiencing in our lives come from ancestral energy patterns which are being transmitted to us through our DNA as well as through our upbringing.

It has been scientifically documented that traumatic memories are imprinted in genes and can be transmitted through several generations (123). Additionally, there is extensive research that documents the possibility of past lives and their influence on the subconscious mind and personality in the present time (123, 4).

In traditional societies it was the role of a shaman to recognize, understand, and clear those energetic patterns for those who need it. Through my personal healing journey and my work with clients, Archetype Integration has presented itself to me as a way to do exactly that.

Through uncovering and understanding the reasons for any obstacles on an energetic level, I work with various archetypes to clear those inherited patterns through a specific process. The clients often experience this as a greater sense of freedom and ease in their life, including awakening of long-forgotten passions, uncovering their life-purpose, and strengthening their sense of direction and joy in living a fulfilled life.

Available in-person or as a distance session.

To book a session with Brana call 757 933 7459 or send an email HERE

Session $120 per hour

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